Jailbreak Tri

This is a race I’ve always wanted to do so I jumped at the chance this year. Being a member of Cobh for 3 years it felt like a home race for me and was good to meet up with the them. It is always a very well run races, one of the reason it is national series again this year, but I have seen the planning that has had to go in to it and what a great team effort. I registered the night before after having a day out with George in Fota Wildlife park. Home then to get all my kit ready for the next day.

I got up early and packed up the car and headed to Cobh. After I parked up the car I headed to transition and met up with some of the Blackwater crew and Cobh crew. The views out to Spike were perfect. it was going to be a great day.

Swim 31:19 (71 out of 256)

I don’t think there could be a more epic swim for a triathlon in Ireland. The swim takes you from the former prison island of Spike to Cobh across the world’s second largest natural harbour. It does mean an earlier start as you have to get boat across to Spike but that adds to the tension and excitement for the day ahead. Once we jumped on board and the boat got moving all we were doing on the way over was getting our sighting sorted, knowing which building to look for. The large red dot was definitely helpful. Once we got over there was a short briefing and into the water we went to get ready. It wasn’t long until the swim got going and even though it was a mass start it wasn’t too crazy due to the size of the swim area. My plan was to aim for the cathedral up the the last white buoy and then drift left into the exit. I definitely must have been too far right as I didn’t come across anyone the whole way. I was sighting as often as I could to make sure I wasn’t going off in the wrong direction but I just kept the swim steady. It was a really great view when looking at Cobh from the water but it felt I wasn’t getting any closer. I eventually got to the ramp and that is where I finally met some swimmers. Timing wise I was a bit disappointed, I felt I had a better time in me but when I look back I didn’t push myself hard enough and that showed with a number of people who I’d normally be close to beating my by over 2 minutes. It was my 1st Olympic of the year so I will know for next time.

T1 0:1:10 (33 out of 256)

For once my T1 seemed to go well. Out of the wetsuit and on with the socks and bike shoes, helmet glasses and number. It is tight transition but no one in my way so got out quick. Time to job on the bike now.

Bike 1:08:44 (175 out of 256)

Out on to the bike the only real climb was straight into the race. Fresh legs and out of the saddle straight away to get up over the small climb. Now it was time to see how I felt. The bike is always my weakest and I haven’t done much mileage this year. After only about 2km I felt a pinch in my calf, a common occurrence on the bike which I haven’t got to the bottom of yet. Even though I was being caution I found my pace was good. The wind was blowing in all direction so it was had to tell was it the wind that was helping me keep the pace going. Even though I felt I was going well there were people passing me the whole time. I wasn’t going to let it bother me and just kept doing what I had to do. It was pretty much flat all the way out past Fota and through the roundabouts and on to the road to Glounthaune. I was still keeping a steady pace and I was on a road I was used to from my days living in Cloyne. The road is in a lot better condition than what I remember, a few bad spots but overall it was good. I was counting the kms to the turnaround point as I knew there was a chance to pick up some pace going back to Island Gate. My calf continued to cramp up every so often but i was able to manage it.

There was good support out along the way and plenty of people still passing me. It got a bit hairy at the roundabouts again as traffic built up but the marshals were doing a great job. Back into Cobh and all I was thinking was that this reminds me of Cork to Cobh run, I’d almost prefer to be running it today. It was a fast finish and support going back into Cobh really helped push to the line. Just about got off the bike at the dismount line and off into T2 after doing my fastest average speed on the bike for a tri. Just over 31kph, funny thing was I was so far down in the bike positions even though I did my best bike to date. But definitely is a fast cycle if you are looking for a good time on the bike.

T2 0:01:04 (83 out of 256)

Felt okay going into T2 and calf was fine as soon as I got off the bike. Racked the bike, off came the bike shoes and on with the runners and the helmet off and out on to the run course.

Run 0:39:31 (40 out of 256)

Now the question was how to attack the run. I wasn’t familiar with the course but did know it was a bit shorter than the normal Olympic distance. So I decided just go out as hard as I can and see how things work out. A nice cool sea breeze faced us as we ran along by the water and I felt good. Then came the small energy sapping hill just after 1km. I attacked it and still felt good, when you took the right turn to head back to Cobh the heat was intense, there was no breeze to give some relief. Grabbed plenty of water at the water station and off I went on the second lap. It was the same thing each time, except one difference, each time I went up the hill I got slower and slower and the side heading back into town got hotter and hotter. So when I finally took that 4th band for my final lap I was delighted and that climb felt like Everest but it was the home stretch. The support gave me the boost I needed and finished as strong as I could. I was off the pace I wanted to be for the day but taking the conditions in to consideration I should be happy. And overall I ranked high on the run so shouldn’t complain.

Overall 02:21:50 (80 out of 256)

I can’t decide how I felt about my performance, disappointed with swim, bike for me was good and run was tough but it was for everyone. There was a very competitive field there as well. But I guess overall since it wasn’t my ‘A’ race I should be happy with my performance. I’d like to thank Cobh Tri Club for putting on a great event and I’ll be back next year once you promise the water will be that calm again. Everything ran so smoothly from start to finish and we don’t see the work behind the scenes. Take bow and know that you truly deserve the National Series. Now its time to work on the bike a bit more and get ready for more racing the coming months. I will always have great time for the Cobh crew because without their support when I started out with triathlons I’d still be afraid to do more than 250 meters in the water haha. If I can build on this race I’ll have a good year. And hope to see many of the faces today at one if the Blackwater races on the 12th, with Olympic, Sprint and Try a Tri on the day there is plenty for everyone.

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Thanks to the following for capturing the day in photos (of me)
Damien Jackson (https://www.djackson-images.com/)
Michael Buckley Photography (https://www.facebook.com/bmikeyphoto/)
Colm Mc Donagh Photography (https://www.facebook.com/CMcDPhotoPage)

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