ASICS FUJILITE 4 – time to hit the trails

FUJILITE 2 were my introduction to trail runners and they got a lot of mileage in over multiple terrains that including hiking, trail running and mountain running. Now its time to take the jump to the 4th edition.

First impressions

Right out of the box my eyes lit up. The striking colour of the bright orange and neon lime had me wanting to go straight for a run. Unfortunately I had to wait a couple of days but when I did they felt great on my feet. You can definitely feel the FF blast foam as you set off on your run. In one of my first runs the ground was hard, even with all the rain recently the ground didn’t seem to hold much water so the cushioning really saved the soles of my feet as I pounded the ground which had plenty of stone as well. The grip going up and downhill felt solid and I didn’t lose traction taking sharp turns at speed. The ASICSGrip outsole rubber grip looks to provide high grip and should help with durability.

I definitely can see these being used as a fast lighter shoe for the mountains and trails without compromising comfort. Next stop will be the mountains. These are a big jump from the 2nd edition to the 4th and I am confident they will do the job.

They were easy to put on and take off and the laces felt secure with the newly developed lace loop. .

What changes can you expect

If you were a fan of the FUJILITE 3 and thinking of upgrading to 4 then this is what you need to know

  • The 4 come in slightly heavier at M <270g / M <232g compared to M 257g / W <225g for version 3
  • The midsole height is now greater on the 4 M 24-19mm / W23-18mm this changed from M 18-24m / W 16-12m on the 3
  • The midsole material is now FF Blast rather than FF Nano
  • Increased sustainability, new lace holder, tongue wing and the modified outsole design for better traction are other areas where vast improvement has been made.


  • They were comfortable out of the box and was easily to get a run in without any discomfort.
  • Good grip as I took corners and went down and uphill on the trails
  • The recycled jacquard mesh provides excellent comfort and durability
  • Then felt light even though the weight went up
  • Cushioning really helped with any impact
  • Have to say I love the colour.


  • The grip could come in to question over very muddy terrain
  • Over longer distance a shoe with more cushioning maybe needed

Final thoughts

These will definitely be my go to trail shoe for the level of running I do. After such a good experience with the 2nd version over mountains in a 20 mile race as well as similar distance hikes I cannot wait to bring the 4th edition for longer runs and hikes. The cushioning will allow for comfortable day even when out there for long distance but also when you want to go fast.