3 things you need to know about the GEL-KAYANO 30 shoes

I love this time of year when a new ASICS GEL-KAYANO comes out. I have been wearing them since version 18 and now we hit number 30. There are some big changes but the shoe is better than ever. Here I go through 3 things you need to know about the GEL-KAYANO 30
  1. How does the GEL-KAYANO 30 differ to GEL-KAYANO 29
    So you loved your GEL-KAYANO 29 but its time to upgrade, so what are the changes. Well there are some big changes this time around.
    Weight wise the 30 is slightly heavier but it doesn’t feel that way when running with them, for me they feel lighter. There is an increased stack now going from 25-15mm for men to 30-22mm and for women it was 24-14mm now it is 29-21mm.
    The midsole material is now made up of FF Blast + ECO. Don’t be worried if you think there is no GEL in there anymore, the GEL is now PUREGEL but is hidden from view, previously you could always see the GEL so its still there and better than ever. One of the biggest enhancements is the 4D Guidance System which you can read about next.
  2. 4D Guidance System
    The new 4D guidance system guides the foot through every step and adapts as your running form changes over distance. This new innovative take on stabilizing the foot is based on biomechanical research. It focuses on adaptive, on-demand stability. The medial foam unit helps return the arch to the ideal position for the next foot strike. I have done a number of longer runs with these over the last couple of weeks and they definitely offer the support I need so there is no compromise from previous versions.
  3. A lighter footprint for a brighter tomorrow
    The new GEL-KAYANO 30 shoe’s carbon footprint is 14% lower than the industry average. ASICS measure the carbon emissions at each stage of a product life cycle. This includes the materials used, how they are manufactured and how they are transported. This is great to see a company put time and research into reducing the carbon footprint of their shoes. You will see the label inside the shoe.
    You can find out more details here