First Week done

The journey started this week and so far it has been enjoyable. The build phase is something that is needed but hard to stick with as well. It means going slower and I build to go longer. I feel at times I am only walking but I have to drill it into my head that it is all part of the plan and I can’t skip parts just because I feel I can do it. Going much faster or much longer now may cost me in the months ahead. There is plenty of time to increase the workload.

Week One

The weather certainly didn’t help during the 1st week. An early morning run on the 1st got me going. Headlamp on, rain jacket on and a slow paced 30 min run. Good way to start it. I kept the heart rate as low as I could, a bit outside the Z2 I was aiming for but it is something I will have to work on over time. That evening was my final swim session with Cobh Tri. It was an extremely tough session that concentrated mainly on backstroke. At times I felt I was going to stay at the bottom on the pool as I struggled to keep myself above water but it helped find some weaknesses that I will need to work on over time. Of course I will never be doing backstroke in a race but it is great to work on parts of the body that are rarely used. The plan said to do 2.5km but with the set we were doing and only the hour before more budding triathletes took to the pool I got in approximately 1.5km. Day 1 down. I might as well keep going.


First Run – Dark, Wet, Windy


Day 2 brought the bike in. I decided to do an evening 30 min cycle on the turbo followed by a 16 min run around Cloyne. I can’t wait for the nights to get longer so I don’t have to get on the turbo that often. The following morning it was 30 min session sticking close to 100RPM on the bike in work. Good to get it out of the way early. Another 30 min run on Friday before work this time there was no need for the jacket as it was dry for a change. Again it was about managing heart-rate rather than time. I moved away from the plan on Saturday. This was mainly due to the gale force winds and downpours which lead to the cancellation of Waterford half marathon and Clon Marathon. For this reason there was no way I was going to get out on the bike so a run was the safer option. Met Damian out at Blackrock castle and we got a 10km. It was wet and windy but I must say it was good to get out there. The weather on Sunday was much better so took the chance to get in my one hour bike session. Finally back on the road on the bike. It has been a long time. But it was a perfect day for a cycle. I was delighted with the way it went. I didn’t struggle and with the first half being so good I was expecting a tough cycle once I turned back but it ended up the same on the way back. Just what I needed for my first cycle outdoors since September 6th. Week one ended with my longest swim session I have done. A 2.5km set with plenty of drills and speed work but in.


First outdoor cycle of training


Mon – Off
Tues – 30min run, 1.5km swim
Wednesday – 30 min cycle (Turbo), 16 min run
Thursday – 30 min cycle(Indoor)
Friday – 30 min run
Saturday – 10km run
Sunday – 1 hour cycle (road), 2.5km swim.

2.5km Swim session
Warm Up
300m FS

Drills (8 x 50m total)
4 x 25m BS; 4 x 25m L,R,F,B; 4 x 25m with PB; 4 x 25m with fists

Main Set
4 x 125m with 20 sec break between each
4 x 175m with 30 sec break between each
4 x 125m with 20 sec break between each

Drills (8 x 50m total)
2 x 25m for BR every 4, BL every 4, both sides every 3,  both sides every 5

Cool Down
200m FS

I’m already thinking ahead to what is to come and putting plan in place to compete my own half ironman because only other option is to go abroad (which may happen yet). Penciled in May 1st to be my half ironman day. Just need to get a support team together to make that happen. Plenty of time yet for that.

Week Two looks like this

Mon – Off
Tues – 30min run in Z2
Wednesday – 30 min cycle (Turbo), 15 min run
Thursday – 30 min cycle(Indoor)
Friday – 30 min run
Saturday – 1 hour 30 mins cycle (road)
Sunday – 1 hour run, 2.5km swim session
Plus another swim session to fit in


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