Almost time to begin

After much thought I have decided to follow Don Finks Iron Fit 30 week plan. My 1st day of the plan starts tomorrow and with 10 weeks of building up I will have to train myself to follow the plan as best I can and get used to the Training Zones I need to be in. One thing I have never been good at is following my heart-rate. It will take some time to get used to and I’ll have to train myself to train right.

It is a good thing to start this out by saying what I want out of it and look back in 30 weeks and see how that worked out for me.

Firstly I go into it at 79kg (I don’t want to be much lighter than that) and body fat of 18% (I could do with decreasing that another couple of %). After a busy year I have taken the last few weeks a bit easier that I normally will and hoping by building up to the hard stuff will keep me some what injury free. Injuries have affected me in the past and they will in the future but it will be how I manage them that will help me reach my goal.

That brings me on to my goal. It is so hard to tell where I will be at when June comes around having never cycled more than 90km and never swam more than 2k never mind putting them together and having a marathon to run after. But it is a challenge I have set myself. 2 years ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I’d be doing a half ironman but I have that done now so time to throw the aim out there. This could change, both up and down over time but for now

Swim 1hr 20 mins, Bike 7hrs, Run 4hrs 30. So with Transitions I’d be looking at approx. 13 hour. Oh god, what have I got myself into.

The support of Martha, family and friends will be vital during this. Hopefully I don’t disappear and I have time for everyone during training.

I hope to keep updates coming throughout the coming months. And share my progress as I go. Exciting times ahead for all. Any questions or advice make sure and let me know.

This week involves

Tuesday – Run 30 mins Z2, Swim training
Wednesday – Cycling 30 mins Z2 followed by 15 mins run Z2
Thursday – Cycling 30 mins Z1 (100RPM)
Friday – Run 30 mins Z2
Saturday – Cycling 1 hour Z2
Sunday – Run 45mins Z1 – Z2